Here is a little information for you to get a better view into the world of custom design! The process is actually very simple and surprisingly stress free. Custom of course isn't for everyone but it is a great way to get what you are dreaming of. The majority of my clients come to me searching either for something they can't find in the store like a simple clean cut dress, or some are wanting to combine different elements that they like into one dress. While others just really hate dress shopping and would just rather get it done with a couple simple meetings. Whatever type you are I can accommodate your whatever it is you are looking for! 

Step One: Initial contact You will inquiry with me via email or telephone letting me know what it is your are looking for. If you have photos feel free to send them to me. I will ask for the wedding date, what feel you have in mind and what your budget is. Budget is very important since the type of fabric we choose and the method in which the dress is created (in regards to the details) can affect the end price. For a rough idea of my price points please view the pricing page. I am very good at working with peoples budgets big or small. 

Step Two: Consultation If you like what you see and you like what you hear from our initial contact we can go ahead and schedule a free consultation to discuss your dress further. 

Step Three: It Begins Once you decide you would like to have me create your dream dress I will gather the things that I need to go ahead. I will take your measurements,  collect the deposit (usually around 50% of quote) and I will do up a sketch if one is needed. I will shop for fabric options for your approval. Deposit can be made via e-transfer, check or cash. Sorry I don't take cards. 

Step Four: Design Time I hand draft all of my patterns specifically to your measurements. This means that you will not have the extra alterations cost! I then create the prototype or the lining of your dress (depends on the design) to have for your first fitting. (The prototype/lining fitting doesn't apply for bridesmaids)

Step Five: First Fitting This is where it all starts coming together visually for you! This fitting is strictly to make sure the fit is correct before I go forward with the rest of the dress

Step Six: Second/Final Fitting This fitting will be the finished dress. At this point the dress will either be perfect and ready for you to take home or it will need a few adjustments. For more complicated designs there may be more fittings in between the first and final fitting to get certain details just right. 

Step Seven: Last Fitting If the dress wasn't a perfect fit in the last fitting I would have altered it accordingly. We are now ready for the last fitting and you can take your baby home! 

I hope that answers most of your questions in regards to the process. Feel free to send any questions you have to I look forward to hearing from you!

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